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Postdoctoral Researchers


Martin Giesel   Postdoc 2015-2018 (BBSRC funded). Now postdoc in School of Psychology, Aberdeen University.

P. George Lovell Postdoc 2008-2015. Now has his own group at Abertay University and is an ongoing collaborator.

Harold Nefs, Postdoc 2005-2009, now at Man-Machine Interaction Group, Delft University of Technology.

Vit Drga, postdoc, 2004-2008.


PhD students




Abigail Lee was a PhD student in my lab from 2015-19. Abi worked on 3D and 2D motion perception. She is currently a postdoc in York University, Ontario, Canada.


Alexandra Mitchell was a PhD student in my lab from 2018-19. Alex worked on visual attention. She is currently a postdoc at Edinburgh University.





Pippa Cammack, PhD student 2013-2017. Pippa worked on binocular vision and camouflage.  She is currently working as a developer for Wolfram Research.


  Andrew Mackenzie.  PhD student 2013-2016. Andrew worked on attention and driving. He is currently a postdoc at Nottingham Trent University, working on visual attention and visual memory.

 Stephane Clery, PhD student 2010-2014. He is currently a postdoc at Eberhard Karls Universitat, Tuebingen, Germany, work with Dr. Hendrikje Neinborg.

Katharina Zeiner, PhD student 2008-2012.  She is currently a postdoc researcher in the Information Experience and Design Research Group, Stuttgart Media University.

Cat Grafton, PhD student 2006-2010. Currently Business Improvement Officer, Kings College, University of London.


Teaching Fellows

Clare Jonas spent a couple of years with us (2011-2013) and is now a postdoc studying synaesthesia at University of East London.


Masters students

Madeeha Ahmad, master student (MSc Conversion) 2015-16



Iveta Baublyte, masters student (MRes) 2013-2014


Paul Cox, masters student (MSc Conversion) 2012-2013

Rebecca Waugh, masters student (MRes) 2012-2013

Joanna Brooks, masters student (MRes) 2005-2006.


Visiting Postgraduate Students

Adrien Chopin, Visiting student 2007, from CNRS, Paris.

Toru Maekawa, Visiting PhD student 2010-2011, from Tokyo University of Technology.


Undergraduate researchers and summer students

Volunteer and Summer Researchers, 2017-18
 Jasmine Rodriguez  – through year volunteer and School Summer Intern

Valeriya Ryabchina  – through the year volunteer and Laidlaw Summer Leadership Scheme

Shiwen (Winne) Li – through year volunteer

Ina Yovova — through year volunteer


Andrew Chua (funded by EPS)

Rachael Jack (funded by School)

Jasmine Rodriguez

Max Wilson


Andrew Chua (funded by School Internship Fund)

Rachael Jack (1st year Psychology, summer volunteer)

Max Wilson (lab volunteer summer 2016)


Deborah Moffet (funded by Medical Research Scotland)

Ana Porskalaite (volunteer in term time and summer)

Jonathan Reardon (volunteer all year)


Sarune Savickaite (funded by EPSRC summer studentship).

Giedre Cepukaityte (volunteer summer student)

Philippa Hammond (working with George Lovell)

Polina Arbuzova (working with Andy Mackenzie)


Shona Miller (funded by Medical Research Scotland),

Nikki Thomson (funded by URIP).

Bryony Croucher

Emma Thomson

Nikki Thomson (URIP funded summer student)


Pei Lui, summer student (URIP funded).  Took a masters in linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. Currently a PhD student in Psychology at Lancaster University.

Samantha Ofili, summer student

Kotryna  Grinkevičiūtė,  undergrad researcher


Danielle Smith, undergraduate researcher assistant, now PhD student at the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham.

Lucy Spencer, undergrad researcher and summer student (Nuffield), currently a PhD student in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York.

Manuel Spitschan, undergrad researcher, now graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania.


Anastasia Kolokolnikova, undergrad researcher


Sebastian Hutchinson, summer student