Abigail Lee



I am a PhD student under the co-supervision of Professor Julie Harris and Dr. Justin Ales investigating motion in depth.

Motion is a constant feature in our lives, whether it is our own self motion that we perceive as we walk around or that of other objects moving through our field of vision. We know a great deal about how the human brain processes motion in two dimensions, but very little about the processing of motion in the third dimension of depth.

My project is particularly focused on the perception of objects moving in three dimensions towards the observer. Objects directly approaching an observer deliver a rapid expansion on the retina. This source of 3D information is called looming.

However, we can also use depth information provided by binocular vision to perceive motion in depth with a cue called changing binocular disparity. My aim is to understand how changing binocular disparity and looming cues combine and whether separate or joint processing networks underlie their perception.