P. George Lovell


Research topics

I am a postdoctoral researcher and co-investigator on a project on vision and the evolution of camouflage. I am now also a lecturer at Abertay University.

My PhD (Stirling, with Prof. Roger Watt) examined the processes underlying human visual contour integration. My Post-doctoral research has concentrated upon various aspects of perceptual processing using computational modelling, calibrated image analysis and visual search and varied psychophysical methodologies.

My research has been mainly concerned with developing our understanding of human vision. I’m particularly interested in how our visual ecology informs the evolution of our visual systems. How has the visual environment our evolutionary ancestors experienced influenced the development of our own visual systems? How has the light-environment we generally experience, i.e. a world where objects are on the ground illuminated by light-from-above, influenced the evolution of processes that translate patterns of shading into a perception of depth?

I’m currently working as a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Julie Harris, we’re examining how various visual cues such as stereo disparity, shading and surface interreflection contribute towards our perception of shape and depth.