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Hollie Carter


I am a PhD student under the co-supervision of Professor Julie Harris and Dr Justin Ales. My area of research is vision and camouflage with reference to motion.

Movement is often considered to break camouflage. This is most apparent when a target moves against a stationary background. Relative motion, where both the target and background move, is less documented in natural environments. One example of such movement is observed in stick insects who sway in the wind to imitate twigs; hence showcasing some forms of movement could enhance camouflage. Therefore, this project will explore how adjusting motion behaviours to exploit the visual constraints of motion processing could reduce breaks in camouflage and whether motion itself can be utilised as a mode of camouflage.

My aim is to develop and test computational models to quantify predator visual systems and examine prey movement that has the potential to benefit camouflage.