Clare Jonas

I am a Teaching Fellow and Researcher. My main topic of interest is synaesthesia, a non-harmful condition in which two senses, or two aspects of the same sense, become linked together. For example, a synaesthete might see colours while listening to music, associate tastes with particular words, or think of numbers as occupying particular positions in space. During my PhD, at Sussex with Dr. Jamie Ward, I investigated how synaesthetic perceptions relating to numbers and letters differ, and what this can tell us about how humans think about number. Synaesthesia has some beneficial consequences (for example, improved memory in the senses that are linked in synaesthesia) and I am currently interested in whether it is possible to bring about these benefits in non-synaesthetes by training them to make associations between senses, as well as collaborating with Paul Hibbard on a study on the potential link between synaesthesia and migraine. In the future, I hope to explore the consequences of having synaesthesia for young children’s learning.