ECVP presentations 2017

This week the group are at the European Conference on Visual Perception, in Berlin, presenting work on the following 6 projects:

Tue 29th:

Attending to motion-in-depth modulates fMRI responses in striate and extrastriate visual areas Kaestner, M, Maloney, RT, Bloj, M, Harris, JM, Wade, AR

Wed 30th:

How do we discriminate the speed of looming? Lee, A, Ales, J, Harris, JM

Sensitivity to binocular cues to motion-in-depth in adults with common impairments of binocular vision in childhood. Maloney, RT, Kaestner, M, Bruce, A, Bloj, M, Harris, JM, Wade, AR

Effects of velocity- and position-based cues on horizontal vergence using different forms of motion in depth. Giesel, M, Harris, JM, Yakovleva, A, Wilson, M, Bloj, M, Wade, AR, Norcia, AM

Thur 31st:

How is binocular disparity information used for depth perception? Harris, J

Modelling the design of efficient animal warning signals Penacchio, O, Harris, JM

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