Vision Sciences Society

members of the group are at the Vision Sciences Society conference from 9th-24th May. We have several presentations:

Sunday May 21st:

33.3003 Comparison of horizontal vergence responses to changing disparity and inter-ocular velocity differences Martin Giesel, Julie Harris, Alexandra Yakovleva, Alex Wade, Marina Bloj, Anthony Norcia

33.3008 Speed discrimination for real-world motion in depth Abi- gail Lee, Justin Ales, Julie Harris

36.3003 fMRI reveals S-cone and achromatic contributions to motion-in-depth perception Milena Kaestner, Ryan Maloney, Marina Bloj, Julie Harris, Alex Wade


Julie is also taking part in:

Meet The Professors,  Monday, May 22, 2017, 4:45 – 6:00 pm, Breck Deck North.

Students and postdocs are invited to the second annual “Meet the Professors” event immediately preceding the VSS Dinner and Demo Night This is an opportunity for
a free-wheeling, open-ended discussion with members of the VSS Board and other professors You might chat about science, the annual meeting, building a career, or whatever comes up

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