ECVP abstracts submitted

We have submitted 7 abstracts to the European Conference on Visual Perception, 2016:

‘Stereo camouflage’: can 3D shape slow visual search for disparity-defined objects? Cammack & Harris.

Comparing perception of motion-in-depth for anti- and de-correlated random dot stimuli. Giesel, Wade, Bloj and Harris.

Breaking shape-from-shading inference through body form and countershading camouflage.  Harris, Penacchio, Lovell & Cuthill.

Decoding eye-of-origin signals in and beyond primary visual cortex. Milena Kaestner, Maloney, Bloj, Harris and Wade.

Mapping the temporal and neural properties of binocular mechanisms for motion-in-depth perception. Maloney, Kaestner, Ansell, Bloj, Harris, & Wade.

Inhibitory function and its contribution to cortical hyperexitability and visual discomfort. Penacchio, Wilkins, Otazu & Harris.

Centre-Surround Antagonism in the Perception of Motion in Depth. Portelli, Wade, Bloj and Harris.


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