Scottish Vision Group 2016

The group are at the joint Scottish Vision Group and Applied Vision Association Conference, Peebles, from 8th-10th April, with several contributing talks:

GJ Burton Memorial Lecture: Perception of 3D shape, Depth and Motion. Julie M. Harris

Comparing perception of motion-in-depth for anti- and de-correlated random dot stimuli. Martin Giesel, Alex Wade, Marina Bloj and Julie M. Harris

How to create and test naturalistic depth backgrounds in a stereoscopic visual search task. Philip Cammack and Julie M. Harris

Comparing the eye movements of young adult and older adults during simulated driving. Andrew Mackenzie and Julie M. Harris

Prediction motion and the effect of sporting ‘eliteness’. Jonathan Flavell, Nathan Beebe, Simon Bennett, John Buckley, Alice Cruickshank, Julie Harris and Brendan Barrett

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