ECVP presentations

The group is involved in 3 presentations the European Conference on Visual Perception(ECVP), in Liverpool, UK, this week:

Visuo-motor delay in fast and slow ball sports, by: N.C. Beebe, J.C. Flavell,  A.G. Cruickshank, S. J. Bennett,  J.G. Buckley,  J.M. Harris, & B.T. Barrett.

Relationship between reaction time and ball catching in vision-restricted conditions in elite sportspeople. A.G. Cruickshank, J.C. Flavell, N.C. Beebe, J.G. Buckley, S. J. Bennett,  J.M. Harris, & B.T. Barrett.

Uncomfortable images prevent lateral interactions in the cortex from providing a sparse code. O Penacchio, X Otazu, A Wilkins, J.M. Harris

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