Scottish Vision Group 2018

Members of the group are at the Scottish Vision Group Conference, at Ballachulish Hotel, Glen Coe this weekend, with talks on lots of different vision topics:

Investigating horizontal vergence responses to disparity changes and inter-ocular velocity differences. Martin Giesel, A. Yakovleva, Alex R. Wade, Marina Bloj, Anthony M. Norcia, and Julie M. Harris

Multisensory motion in depth: Is there a selective advantage for integrating looming signals? Andrew Chua, Julie Harris, and Thomas U. Otto

Temporal integration of speed change in motion perception Abigail R. I. Lee, Justin M. Ales, and Julie M. Harris

Rapid visual detection of animal warning signals Olivier Penacchio, and Julie M. Harris

Mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effect of smooth pursuit eye movement training in spatial neglect Alexandra Mitchell, and Daniela Balslev

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